What is Gestalt Psychotherapy

Helps build understanding that your way of coping may not be wrong but is not the only possibility.

Helps foster clear ways of communicating and self expressing with others.

Helps develop new awareness of habits and behaviors in a supportive therapeutic environment.

How is this approach to psychotherapy different?

Gestalt is part of the humanistic approach to psychotherapy and was groundbreaking in shifting the focus from the therapist as an analyst or observer to the inclusion of self by the therapist, expressed in a dialogic relationship between therapist and client.

Listening with the intention to learn from one another means the working relationship between client and therapist is used to help the client explore how they are in the world and with others.

The Gestalt therapist does not work to change behaviors or symptoms that are deemed undesirable. The therapist sees these as creative adjustments for every individual that have enabled them to survive in an otherwise impossible context. Therefore, any expected change in behavior or experience depends upon a dynamic change in the pattern of support for a person. This is explored together in session.